Version 1.5 is Available

Thursday, November 25, 2010 by Karin Huber

This new version of time cockpit is available for a few days now. The main focus of this version was to improve the new features of version 1.4  and fix some bugs.

Please note that all users in a tenant have to switch to the new version as soon as the first user in the tenant installs this version, because users with older versions will not be able to sync their data with the server anymore. They can continue to use time cockpit, track their signals and work locally on their pc but as long as their client version is older as the server version no synchronization with the server is possible.

What's changed

  • Relations can be required fields excactly like Properties.
  • ReadOnlyExpressions for entities with the prefix APP_ (shipped by us) can be modified.
  • ValidationRules can be disabled.
  • Values in comboboxes can be filtered dependend on other values. In our shipped data model projects and tasks in the timesheet form are affected.

What's fixed

  • Better error messages for violated permissions.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts were not working in version 1.4. 
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