What's New in Version April 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by Karin Huber

In version April 2013 we have focused on improving the formatting profiles in the time sheet calendar. Until now we only showed a color legend in the navigation bar on the left side, but there is much more information we can display so we decided to change the color legend to a bar chart.

Formatting Profiles Formatting Profiles
Billable versus non-billable hours in time tracking calendar.

In the new version you are able to define a key figure for each formatting profile. In the screenshot above you see a formatting profile for billable and non-billable hours. The length of the bars represents the number of hours. You can use any numeric field in time sheet entries for the key figure (e.g. DurationInHours, Revenue).

You can now display multiple formatting profiles in the navigation menu, but only one of them can be active. Click anywhere in the bar chart to select the formatting profile. The active profile defines the conditional formatting in your time sheet calendar. Its bar chart is displayed in color. All other formatting profiles are inactive and displayed in gray.

Read more about formatting profiles in the online documentation...

Other Changes

Previous Version of Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition

We use Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition to store data on the client. From version autumn 2012 to version March 2013 we have updated SQL CE from version 4.0.8482.1 to version 4.0.8876.1. Unfortunately we experienced some problems with the new version that could even cause data loss in rare cases. In version April 2013 we stepped back to the previous version of SQL CE, with which we have never seen this problem.

New Version of ClosedXML for Excel Export

For exporting data to Microsoft Excel we use ClosedXML. We have upgrade to version 0.68.1 because of a bug in the previous version 0.65.2. In the previous version it was not possible to use conditional formatting rules in time cockpit Excel templates.

Sorting in Signal Details

When you have sorted signal details like window titles by text we really showed the top 5 window titles ordered by text regardless of the duration. In the new version we take the top 5 window titles by duration and order only the result by text.

Excel Export in TCQL Queries

It is now possible to export your results from TCQL Scripts in the script console to Microsoft Excel.

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