Reporting Preview Improvements

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 by Karin Huber

Last month we have first released the new reporting feature in time cockpit. In the December version of time cockpit we have added lots of new functions to make reporting more useful for you.

Functionality of the Current Preview Release


Left to the report preview you can now see the configuration pane for the report. It allows you to change the layout and page setup for the report.

Customization for Reports

Groups and Sums

When generating a report, time cockpit now respects customizations you have made to the list like grouping, sorting and the order of the columns.

Groups in Reporting

By default, all groups are expanded. In Microsoft Excel you can expand and collapse groups.

Grouping in Excel

Filter Conditions

In the header of a report, all filter conditions are displayed. Filters displayed in gray are not set, filters displayed in white have a value set.

Filter in Reports

Further Improvements

  • The default value for generated files now contains the name of the list combined with the current date and time.
  • Page number and generation date of the report are displayed in the footer.

Plans for Upcoming Releases

The new reporting feature is still in preview mode. We would love to hear your feedback on the existing functions and about your wishes for the future. Our plans for the next versions of time cockpit include the following features:


  • We want to allow you to add a logo to the report's header.
  • It should be possible to enter a custom page size.
  • All customization values should be useable as default values for new reports. You should not need to change the color or font family for every report. If a default value is set, is should be used for all reports and users.

Advanced Reports

At the moment you can only convert lists to reports. In the future we want to allow you to build your own custom reports with tables, cross tables and charts. Read more about the advanced reporting functions ...

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