Time Report With Overtime and Vacation Entitlement

Monday, February 29, 2016 by Michael Kubitschka

In time cockpit version March 2016 we have enhanced the default time report. Among other improvements we added the remaining vacation entitlement and actual overtime to the report. In this article we will explain the updates and extensions in detail.

Changes in Daily Records

You can find the "Time Report" in the navigation menu for "Users / Working Time". The report contains the following columns:

The remark column contains the name of the holiday or the text vacation or sick leave. For absence times that do not last a whole day the time span is displayed in brackets.

The column layout has not changed in the new version but the remark column was extended for compensatory times. Compensatory times have no effect on your overtime because only working time, vacations, special leaves, sick leaves and holidays influence your calculated overtime. But lots of our time cockpit users like to insert compensatory times for information purposes. Therefore, we added compensatory times to the time report. 

A second improvement for the remark column is the distinction between vacation and special leave. Until now a special leave was noted as a vacation.

Current Overtime and Remaining Vacation Entitlement

At the end of the time report we added two new sections for the traceability of overtime and remaining vacation entitlement. The left table shows current overtime and with its related data. The right one shows the remaining vacation entitlement.

In both tables the current status of overtime respectively of vacation entitlement is shown for the start and the end of the selected period (highlighted in gray).

If an overtime correction was made in the actual period, it would be shown above the left table. An overtime correction is usually made if a certain number of hours was paid out. The calculation of overtime for the current period results from the difference between the target hours and the actual hours of the current period. For employees with a monthly lump sum overtime payment, the number of these hours will be displayed and included in the calculation of overtime.

The two new sections will help employers and employees to keep track of the current status of overtime and vacation entitlement.

Like all other standard functions in time cockpit the enhanced time report is available in English and German by default.

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