What's New in Version September 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 by Karin Huber


This month we have focused on combo boxes in the HTML5 client. There were still three features missing from the full client: lookup lists, configuration of the number of items and adding and editing items. In the new version we have added the first two of them: lookup lists and configurable number of items.

We have put all effort in the new HTML5 client so there is no new Full Client available this month.

Lookup List for Combo Boxes

In RelationCells it is possible two specify two different conditions: 

  • The Condition is used to filter the items in the combo box.
  • The LookupCondition is used to filter items, that are shown in a separate list with filter possibilities.

The following sample shows parts of the form definition for the default timesheet entry form. It contains two combo boxes for projects and tasks. The task combo box has a Condition, that specifies that only tasks belonging to the currently selected project and which are not closed should be shown.

The LookupCondition is similar to the Condition, but it does not exclude closed tasks.

<Form ModelEntityName="APP_Timesheet" IncludeClause=".Include('Task.Project.Customer').Include('Project.Customer').Include('JourneyMeansOfTransport').Include('UserDetail').Include('WorkingTimeWeight').Include('Invoice')" xmlns="clr-namespace:TimeCockpit.Data.DataModel.View;assembly=TimeCockpit.Data">
	<Tab Header="=:FriendlyName('APP_Timesheet')">
		<Section Header="=:Translate('Form.APP_TimesheetForm.ProjectSection')">
				<RelationCell Condition="Current.Closed = False" Content="=Current.APP_Project" />
					Condition="=:Iif(Current.Project = Null, '1 = 0', 'Current.Project = Null Or Current.Project.ProjectUuid={' + Current.Project.ProjectUuid + '}') + ' And (Current.Closed = Null Or Current.Closed = False)'" 
					LookupCondition="=:Iif(Current.Project = Null, '1 = 0', 'Current.Project = Null Or Current.Project.ProjectUuid={' + Current.Project.ProjectUuid + '}')"
					Content="=Current.APP_Task" />

When a project is selected, the task combo box shows all non-closed tasks for the project. For project ArendEngineering.Athene, there are two non-closed tasks. In the bottom right corner there is a new magnifier symbol to open the lookup list for the combo box:

In the lookup list all three tasks for the project are shown. You can select a tasks by double clicking on a row in the list or by the select button in the footer area:

Number of Items in Lists and Combo Boxes

In the Global Settings, there is a section List Settings that allows you to configure the default number of items in lists and in combo boxes.

Call Clear Cache in the menu after changing the list settings:

When you open a list which contains more items than specified in Number of Items in Lists, you will see a button right above the list which allows you to load all items.

In combo boxes there will be a link in the footer line if the number of items exceed the specified limit:

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