What's New in Version December 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by Karin Huber


This month we have worked closely with some of our customers who plan to switch to the HTML5 client to make sure that all their time cockpit customizations also work in the HTML5 client. For that, we have made lots of improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, we now allow to authenticate with time cockpit by using the hybrid flow of OpenID Connect.

We have put all effort in the new HTML5 client so there is no new Full Client available this month.

Time Cockpit OpenId Connection Hybrid Flow

Time cockpit has been using OpenID Connect based on IdentityServer for more than two years (see also original announcement). Until recently, all our own client applications and client applications that our customers wrote (example) used the implicit flow. A few weeks ago, a customer approached us who wanted to use hybrid flow. This month, we made the necessary changes to time cockpit to support this authentication scenario.

Learn how you can use OpenID Connect hybrid flow for time cockpit in your own applications (e.g. custom mobile app, custom website with ASP.NET MVC, interface programming, etc.).

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HTML5 Client Improvements and Bug Fixes


  • Tooltips show a description and the keyboard shortcut (if available)
  • Impersonation now also works when opening a new tab
  • String values in lists and forms which look like numbers are not automatically converted to numbers anymore


  • Some columns headers were missing in Python lists
  • Performance of auto sizing columns has improved
  • Filters for relations are shown in report header
  • Foreground color expressions now also work when the alpha channel is specified (e.g. #ff00ff00 instead of #00ff00)
  • Hyperlinks which contain single quotes are now working
  • Hyperlinks for actions are now disabled, when a user has no permission to execute the action


  • Focus was not always set on first input control
  • Performance of loading and validation items has improved
  • Titles in back reference tabs are now correct
  • Columns of lists in back reference tabs are automatically sized according to the content 
  • Input controls are disabled when a user has now write permission for the shown item
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