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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost associated with creating a trial account?

Creating a trial account is absolutely free. There is no cost associated with signing up for a trial.

Do I need to provide credit card information to sign up for a trial account?

No, you do not need to provide any credit card information to sign up for a trial account.

How long does the trial period last?

The trial period typically lasts for 30 days from the date of account creation, giving you ample time to experience the software.

Do I need to cancel my trial account before the trial period ends?

No, you don’t need to take any action to cancel your trial account. The trial period will end automatically once the specified duration is over.

Can I invite other team members to join my trial account?

Yes, you can invite other team members to join your trial account, allowing them to collaborate and explore the features of time cockpit alongside you.

Will the data I enter during the trial period be accessible in the paid subscription?

Yes, all the data you enter during the trial period will be seamlessly available when you transition to a paid subscription.

What features and functionality are available in the trial account?

The trial account provides access to all the features and functionality available in the paid subscription, allowing you to fully explore and evaluate the capabilities of time cockpit.

Can I upgrade my trial account to a paid subscription?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your trial account to a paid subscription at any time during or after the trial period. Keep in mind that your trial account will be deleted after two months. Billing starts from the moment your trial period ends. Your are not billed for your trial period what so ever.

What happens to my data after the trial period ends?

If you decide against time cockpit, your data and your account will be automatically deleted after 2 months.

Can I extend the trial period if I need more time to evaluate the software?

While the trial period has a set duration, if you need more time to evaluate the software, you can reach out to our support team to discuss options for extending your trial.

Is technical support available during the trial period?

During the trial period, you have access to our technical support team who can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Just drop us a mail at or schedule a call.