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You want a partner who stands by your side in all matters? Then time cockpit is the right choice for you.

We understand that finding the right partner for your company can be challenging. At time cockpit, we strive to make it an easy decision. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to provide you with a time tracking solution that really fits your needs.

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Why our clients choose to work with us

Compelling reasons to partner with our team

A proven solution

Time cockpit is a proven, customizable solution trusted by businesses worldwide. With its rich customization capabilities, it empowers organizations of all sizes to optimize their time tracking and management processes. Experience reliability and flexibility in one integrated platform.

Personal guidance and support

We’ve got your back every step of the way! Our team of experienced engineers with 10+ years of experience in time tracking will guide you through every step of the way. Whether it’s about defining your requirements, embedding time cockpit into your infrastructure, or navigating common pitfalls. You’ll have personal guidance and support from the people who created time cockpit and used it in numerous successful projects.

Enterprise ready and future proof

Time cockpit is ready to tackle anything you throw at it! Scalable, cloud-based time tracking with Single Sign-On (SSO) and a flexible web API. All running on ISO27001 certified infrastructure. Throw in backup and disaster recovery plus professional guidance to help you along the way and you get a reliable and efficient partner for businesses of all sizes. At a reasonable price!

Extensive feature set and customizable on top

Time cockpit is a comprehensive and flexible time tracking solution with a wide range of features for both project- and attendance time tracking suitable for businesses of all sizes. Your missing a features? Take a look at our Made-to-Measure offer.

Your Processes, Your Needs, Your Way

To get the most out of time tracking, it needs to seamlessly integrate into your business. The software should conform to YOUR processes and needs, not the other way round. That’s why we built time cockpit to be as customizable as possible from ground up. Take a look at our Made-to-Measure offer to learn more.

Simple and Fair

We believe in providing the full range of features at a single price. No complex pricing models, no “Contact Sales” and different sets of features. For larger teams or companies we have designed our pricing model to scale, while keeping it predictable.

The Difference

Discover why time cockpit is the top choice for our clients among time tracking solutions.

  • Why our clients chose TimeCockpit over other Solutions
  • Personal guidance along your time cockpit journey
  • Customization-as-a-Service
  • Simple and predictable pricing model
  • No commitment periods
  • Future-proof - No matter how large your company grows
  • Automatic Activity Tracking